About me: I am a 23 year old freelance videographer/ photographer that specializes in sports! Basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, you name it. My heart is to provide video outlets for athletes to display their talents and to capture special moments of people doing what they love. I have high quality equipment. The camera that I use is a Sony A7iii and the lens that I use is a Sony 70-200mm.

Sam Smith: The Photographer/ Videographer


This past year I focused on basketball for sports photography. I try to capture high quality images of special in game moments for players and families to have with them. My focus has been basketball, but I am expanding to all sports. 


Below is a compilation of some of my videography projects. These video projects display players' highlights and talents that can be used for social media, can be sent to coaches and highly benefit recruitment. I offer single game, season, workout, tournament, and aau mixtapes. I also offer short films for teams and players of all sports.

Season Highlight Tapes

One of the services that I offer is season mixtapes. This is a video of Shasta College guard Josiah Polambo, with an accumulation of highlights put into a video to display his season's best plays. These videos can be used to be sent out to coaches and benefit players' recruitment.

Single Game Edited Reel

This is a single game edited reel. High quality coordinated with music. Great for social media.


One game Mixtape.


Season Mixtape.

High quality Edited Shorts

Another service I offer is high quality, edited shorts. These types of videos focus on one play, with a detailed cinematic experience. I often add these to a highlight tape bundle.

High quality Edited Shorts

This is an edited reel, which are popular for social media.

Workout/ Training 

This service is an edited video of a workout session. I provide high quality videos of players in training sessions, capturing drills of players getting better. Can also be used to send to coaches and benefit recruitment!


Edited short clip that I include with highlight bundles.

Edited Shorts

Cinematic one play focused video, that I include in bundles.


Season Mixtape.


Season Mixtape.

Edited Short

This is an example of a one game edited short.

Where and How to Book.

I am located in Northern California, between two areas. Redding, California as well as Stockton, California. For estimates and inquiries, please email the address listed below, or text/call the phone number also listed. 

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